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What is this ending?! I don’t understand! At least give me a good ending since basically everything else sucks. 

I don’t even know how and why I got through the whole thing. This was the most frustrating thing I’ve watched in a long time. 

I felt like the plot had a lot of potential but it was just so disappointing. It just went everywhere. What happened to the main story line about Linda going through all the hardships to become a doctor and revive the family business?!

And Raymond and Natalie’s story line was pretty pointless. I don’t even know when Natalie went from liking the older brother to liking the younger one. By the end, it felt like the older brother never existed……. 

And Pierre’s character. I know he is a stupid asshole. You don’t need to spend half of each episode to show me that. 

And I was expecting a beautiful memorable love story for Ruco and Linda. But nothing really happened until the last like 30 minutes, which was also pretty bleh. And then that ending. Like what?!

The only enjoyable thing was Ruco and his team. Love Ruco’s character. 


god bless these two, seriously